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Father's Day

Father’s day was a contrast to Mother’s day. It was usually a fun day and we went somewhere or did something. Naturally it was always something William wanted to do and we tagged along unquestioning. Some years we even went for a meal if we were away from home and as it was a treat for his day I usually got the bill! Oddly my memories of Father’s day are generally calmer and happier than those of Mother’s day. How ironic that is!

Connor always came up trumps with a handmade card and usually a thoughtful gift that he had put much thought into. He did the same for me and I always loved the ideas behind his gifts.

Unfortunately and it still gives me pain as his father wasn’t like minded. Often he opened the card and put it on the windowsill without really digesting Connor’s words. His standard response to any gifts was, that Connor had spent money and that wasn’t good. He said this even when he had received a homemade gift made of recycled items!

Father’s day is in June which tends to be better weather and longer days in the UK and we did enjoy some good times as a family many times.

Days like this prolonged the tumultuous relationship between William and me, as I would suddenly feel it was all going to work out and that I was a good wife and getting things right after all. It delayed the realisation that nothing was ever going to change for more than a few hours. And those hours were the whim of William. Nothing I could do or did do was ever going to have an impact on the way that William ran our lives.

I believe there are many people out there that can identify with this story. I want to reassure you that it is possible to make changes and get out of these dominating controlling relationships and learn how to trust yourself again. You can and will make a wonderful future for yourself and your children going forwards. It takes some faith in yourself and a belief that you are worth it.

If I can help you and support you in any way please get in touch. I’ve been there and know how good it feels to be the other side

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