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Equine Assisted Development

My life in an abusive relationship was made easier to endure when I discovered the power of healing through horses. I noticed the number of times I spent with the horses and how it felt like part of my burden was gone when I came home. I researched how horses can help us resolve all sorts of emotional baggage we carry around in our lives. I went to several sessions of equine-assisted therapyand development classes and found them to be amazingly beneficial. I believe some of this is because it is all non-verbal. This meant that I could work with ‘stuff’ that I couldn’t articulate in words but felt in my body. It is a fantastic experience, and seemingly, the horses take the load and dump the baggage for you with no side effects for them. My son’s little pony was quite remarkable at this sort of session. He helped not only me but several friends to sort out their issues, all without having to say a word. For some years, I have been offering equine-assisted development to those who want an effective and meaningful change in their life. If you would like to experience this but don’t know where to go, please get in touch. There are many centres around the world where you can experience tranquillity and healing from horses.

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