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Introduction to myself, Trish Valleys, and  Podcasts
(< 3 minutes)

Introduction to my PodcastTrish Valleys
00:00 / 02:27

Video Interview with Dissent Media - 1st November 2021
(1 hour, 35 minutes)

My story as a guest the podcast 'Narcissist Apocalypse' with Brandon Chadwick
Click on image below to listen (52 minutes)


Philip and Trish spoke on the 24th March 2021 and this episode details the story of Trish Valleys. She discusses topics of how she found herself in a relationship with a narcissist, having a child with a narcissist, divorcing a narcissist, the lasting effects, the steps she has taken since, and where she is today. I truly hope you take the time to enjoy our chat, as she has a vast amount of information and knowledge you can relate to. Special thanks to Trish Valleys for having the strength to reach out and speak out with me (Phillip) on this episode! 

(Philip -Father of 2 children , married and living with a narcissist for 7 years,  and still have to deal with the her now we are on year 13.)

Talking with Philip (from the 'Surviving the Covert Narcissist Podcast') about red flags
(30 minutes)

'Red Flag's with Philip JoshuaTrish Valleys
00:00 / 29:48

More with Philip from the 'Surviving the Covert Narcissist' podcast - 26th May 2021
(1 hour, 20 minutes)

Philip-Joshua-26May21Trish Valleys
00:00 / 1:20:23
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