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Lindsay West

Personal Stylist and Image Consultant

Are you ready to be unapologetically you through the colours and styles you wear?   How many times have you caught yourself looking into your wardrobe and claiming that you have nothing to wear?  My role, as a personal stylist and image consultant, is to guide you on a path of discovery to find out whether clothes are the right colour and style for you.  Your overflowing wardrobe can become a focused colourful capsule wardrobe, which all works together, giving you the confidence to look and feel great in everything in it.  Equipped with a toolkit of knowledge and skills, you will be appropriately dressed and make the right impression, whatever your job, lifestyle and occasion.  The discovery of your true self through this process will be liberating and empowering. You will stop panic buying ‘bargains’ that you never actually wear and become an efficient shopper, able to identify the colours and styles that work to make you visible, memorable, authentic and authoritative in both the workplace and your personal life.  The benefits are enormous on an emotional, practical and financial level. They will help you to consider the environmental impact of your buying habits by encouraging you to buy less but buy better so that you come to love every item in your wardrobe and want to keep it forever.


Email: Or call me on 07771141513

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