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'Be You - Be Amazing' Courses

1. 'Be You - Be Self-Aware'  

Make a start on your recovery and improve your self-awareness. A step by step set of tips to improve yourself.  Find out more with a free no-obligation chat with Trish.

2. 'Be You - Be Authentic'

Get the full makeover. Learn how to restore your self confidence, coping mechanisms and find yourself again with this course.  Work at your own pace and place. Email support provided.    Find out more with a free no-obligation chat with Trish.

3. 'Be You - Be Amazing'

A 6 week course on a one to one basis.  This can be anywhere and anytime to suit you. All you need is an internet connection and 1 hour per week. Topics that will be covered include:

  • Restore your self confidence that narcissists steal.

  • Improve your self esteem and self image

  • Coping mechanisms for overcoming trauma based PTSD

  • How to look forward to the new you and new adventures that await you.

  • Learn how to build and renew the authentic you, after an abusive relationship 

  • Learn emotional intelligence

12 weeks to get you back to you, new and improved! 

Book a free 15-minute no-obligation 'Discovery Call' with Trish at your convenience here

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Here’s a fun and effective way to reboot yourself.

Each week I’ll be covering a different topic  to help you get your mojo back.


Topics will include:

  • Authenticity, values, journaling.

  • Self confidence, self image.

  • Emotional Intelligence and perspectives

  • Self awareness and self talk

  • Triggers and coping strategies

  • Lessons learned and using them moving forwards

Each masterclass will be approximately an hour and will include a Q&A session at the end.


Payment Plan Option:  The Masterclass can be purchased over 3 payments to help if needed with budgetting, please get in contact with me to find out more.

6 Weeks to Learn how to create an abundant future.


An Overview of this Masterclass:


You don’t have to be an accountant or mathmetician to easily understand how to manage your finances.

  • What are your priorities for your finances?

  • What counts as income, and expenses.

  • Working out a household budget,

  • Debts, mortgages and loans and the different types.

  • Savings and investments and how to grow them.

During these 6 weeks, learn how to create an abundant future

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