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Recovering your self confidence and self esteem can be particularly difficult after the ending of a traumatic and abusive relationship. I speak from personal experience having been married to a suspected narcissist for many years. I too, wanted to regain my my self esteem and rebuild my future. I have spent many hours with coaches, mentors and doing self development.


As someone who has personal experience of narcissistic abuse, I believe I am uniquely placed to help and support others who face similar struggles.  You don't have to have been in an abusive relationship to seek some help and support with your personal development.  Whether it is your personal or professional life I believe I have the skills to help you. 

Online 1-to-1 Coaching:        

Initial 15-minutes free and confidential 'Discovery Call' to assess your needs. Click here to book your no-obligation consultation at a time of your convenience. We can discuss which package suits you. 

Group Coaching available upon request. Face-to-face coaching will be available as soon as the Covid restrictions allow. 


Email me at  or or call me on  +44 (0)7831 379562.

Get you back to you, new and improved! 


Book a free 15-minute no-obligation 'Discovery Call' with Trish at your convenience here

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