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'Be You - Be Amazing'

I am a coach who helps people achieve financial literacy and feelings of safety and independence in their finances. I have worked in finance for many years and have found that teaching people knowledge of how to manage their finances is empowering.  There are many forms of financial abuse in the world which are largely hidden and the victims feel great shame about.  I hope that by coaching financial management, you will all have the resources to recover your self worth.  I Believe this will help and comfort you and reassure you you're  wasn't alone. 

Much of this began with my journey of divorcing a man I believe to be a narcissist and rebuilding myself,  I wrote a journal of how I did it.  Reading this may be of use to those of you just venturing on that road.  

You too can join the journey to personal empowerment and evolution and I'll be there to support you.  Please check below for some valuable resources

Get you back to you, new and improved! 

Book a free 15-minute no-obligation 'Discovery Call' with Trish at your convenience here

'Be You - Be Amazing' Classes


'Be You - Be Amazing' Makeover

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Equine Assisted Learning

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